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At Lamoille Ambulance Service, Inc (LAS), we are committed to providing the highest quality service to all patients we transport. LAS services include ground transportation throughout New England and the Northeast for persons requiring ambulance transportation for their trip to or from hospitals, nursing facilities, and/or private residences. LAS also can arrange for air transfers of patients, if needed.

"Lamoille Ambulance Service is a vital tool in my life to enable access to imperative appointments. The crew members repeatedly demonstrate genuine consideration of my transport needs and approach every task with prompt, joyful and highly skilled accommodation. Their uplifting attitudes and glad responsiveness guarantee that my physical disability is never seen as a 'problem'; this respect and ease of solutionizing transforms seemingly hard and complicated chores into inspirational blessings. The experience of riding with them is truly an honorable adventure; every single time I am deeply touched by the cheerful sobriety and true humanity with which I am treated. LAS is an indispensable gift to our community, making every disabled individual's right to transport a commendable reality. It makes me proud to be a citizen amongst such irreplaceably service-oriented team members. You have my bottomless gratitude." — Jocelyn Woods, Vermont resident

"LAS transported my wife in October of 2011. She was very happy and impressed with the care she received. The ride quality was exceptional. The staff was extremely caring and attentive; always making sure she was comfortable and warm enough. She loved that she got to ride in a “Mercedes” ambulance!" - Thomas MacDonald, Constable, New York

"...Our first experience with LAS was when my father needed to be transported from Kindred Hospital in Boston. We've contined to use only LAS ever since. The staff on all levels are caring and very professional. I know whenever my father leaves our home with LAS that he is in safe hands. I would like to thank the entire staff for all they have done for my father and me." Dawn Atkins

"You made a very hard day wonderful. Thank you for making it all possible." - The Cassidy Family

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