Why should I choose Lamoille Ambulance Services, Inc.?
From our proud history of service to Northern Vermont and New York, to our first class, environmentally progressive "green" vehicles, equipment and professional staff, LAS provides an unparalleled value to its clients. Serving several major hospitals in the region, and capable of providing seemless integration of services from start to destination, LAS is your best-value supplier of medical transportation services.
Does my insurance cover transportation services?
There is no clear method for LAS to know what your specific insurance plan may or may not cover; we strongly recommend you contact your carrier to confirm coverage.LAS will provide ambulance transport using the same principals as area hospitals. We will not deny services based on insurance specifics or inability to pay for the service.
Does Medicare cover emergency ambulance transportation?
Yes in most cases, based on medical necessity. Please CLICK HERE for a link to Medicare Guidelines.
Does Medicare cover non emergency ambulance transportation?
Yes, in most cases based on medical necessity.
What about Medicare HMO's?
Not all Medicare HMO's follow all of Medicare guidelines; therefore you should check with your HMO to determine what types of transportation are covered.
Does Medicare cover wheelchair transportation?
No, wheelchair transportation is not a covered benefit of Medicare.
What does Medicaid Cover?
Medicaid will cover medically necessary transportation. Your care provider must complete the certificate of medical necessity in order for us to bill Medicaid. Please CLICK HERE for a link to NY Medicaid Guidelines.
Please CLICK HERE for VT Guidelines.
What if I do not have coverage for transportation services?
Lamoille Ambulance Services will accept credit and debit cards along with checks by phone for pre payment of services. Please contact us to help assist you with a payment option.


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